Circles – mood of a summer evening

The circle has a special meaning to us humans. Long seen as the most perfect of shapes, without the beginning or end, without corners. It represents life, original perfection, the infinite, eternity, timelessness, everything that is cyclical.

Circle of life, Zodiacs, Flower of life, Nautilus, Labyrinth, Mandala, Sun and Moon – examples of our pull towards circles are endless…

Last summer I was looking at the sun setting, full of orange and gold with small clouds passing by. I tried to capture the moment, the warmth of the evening in a series of circle paintings.

Circle Abstract Acrylic Modern Art

Acrylic paint can create lovely texture on its own when applied more generously. It’s not impasto as you need to add heavy body gel to create a really heavy texture. Here, I wanted colours to mix partially but still be recognizable on its own.

Circle Abstract Acrylic Modern Art

Waiting for another summer…

Links to Etsy: Circle2 and Circle