Easter Eggs

In this post, I wrote about how versatile digital prints are. To live up to the expectations I created a digital treat for you. As Easter is just around the corner I made some Easter decorations for myself. Easter Eggs paintings among other things. Inspired by a bumblebee queen I saw a few days ago on daffodils.

And I thought – why not spread the joy! So if you like it (or you just need an egg shape drawing) please copy and paste the following Google Drive link to download your copy:


Save whole ZIP archive to your disk by clicking Download button in the upper right corner and then unzip it.

Inside there are 4 pages – 2 with my bumblebee inspired paintings of eggs and 2 with egg shapes, which you can use for your own design. All of them can be printed on A4 paper at home. Feel free to share them with friends and family!