Should you buy digital art prints?

Yes, you should buy digital art prints and let me tell you why. 

I’m not saying this because I sell them – I’m saying this because I love art. Aside from my paintings, pieces I bought or got from friends and family, I own quite a few prints. American white pelican, feminist poster, subtle act…

The Virtues by Damien Hirst were recently on sale. It’s class of its own but it proves the point that prints are art on equal rights. Price was a bit prohibiting for me, but I’d love to have one of those prints!

Some people frown upon digital art prints and I can see the point – how many ‘Sunflowers’ reproductions and IKEA prints hang out there? And – I admire ‘Sunflowers’ and I love Ikea design. I also think both can find a place in a carefully curated gallery wall. It’s down to the context- they are just too obvious to be a statement piece

Digital art prints cost way less than their originals – still in reach for most of the people and so much more unique. When framed, or printed on canvas these can look superb in any room in your house. An amazing gallery wall is so much easier to achieve if you shop for art prints instead of originals – or even better mixed them! There is one massive bonus of prints – they are easy to swap and store when your mood/season/cushions change. 

Aside from obvious spaces like the living room, art looks great in many less obvious places.

Digital prints are great for kids’ room – as kids grow art should grow with them. Prints are great to keep up with it without breaking the bank. I firmly believe that kids should be exposed to art from an early age – to something they like, of course. 

Digital art prints are a wonderful choice for bathrooms (aside from acrylics) – if the frame fails and moisture destroys your art, it’s easy to reprint/reframe it again. 

I think the most importan is if you love given piece of art – if yes and it’s in your budget, buy it regardless of what other people think about its medium! 

More about printing your digital art can be found here. And if you like any of my prints please visit my Etsy shop.