Waiting for spring – green landscape with trees

I’m waiting for spring to show itself in full. It’s almost here; daffodils are in bloom, the grass is growing. Yet, trees are still just dark silhouettes. I captured this vivid contrast in my Green Landscape with Trees.

Landscape is a unique subject, infinitely complex with colours and atmosphere changing almost constantly. I found the best landscapes are focused on atmosphere and light, instead of details. In my landscapes, I don’t copy nature – that’s not what a painter should do. I try to show how I see and perceive it. I compress the vast amount of details into colours and texture to create a coherent image. Simplification is a key, as it’s impossible to paint each leaf or blade of grass. By simplifying details, I can focus on the atmosphere of a place and capture a moment for others to see.

It’s so different from Winter Trees I painted some time ago. Distant hills, green fields cut by hedges, dry moorland grasses moving in the wind. In contrast dark, almost architectural shapes of trees grabbing one’s attention, amplifying colours around. Another week or two and they will be covered in young, bright leaves. After that, it will be just another green shape on a field of green.

If you like the green landscape with trees you can find it here