Jump! Why acrylics and collage go so well together

As I mentioned in this post I spend a lot of time at the beach, mostly at Broomhill Sands or Gratestone. I love to watch kite and windsurfers. Totally free, flying in the air. I tried to capture this spirit in the ‘Jump!’. It shows why acrylics and collage go so well together.

I used acrylics for the sky – coastal, stormy sky. Adding a kite and a board as a collage gave me an opportunity to make it more graphic, more standing out. Kites can have such amazing designs. I could try to replicate it but that could volatile IP of the firm which designed it – it’s something I really don’t want to do. Using cut-outs from a magazine I created my own unique pattern. 

Collage is great fun to work with and it can give cool results. What do you think?

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